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August 2020

Kigo has created a new promotions section to define discounts and promotions that can later be synchronized to multiple channels within the same platform (Kigo) instead of having to define promotions in each of the channels’ separate platforms and extranets.

The promotions setup in Kigo is extremely intuitive and user friendly; you can both create and assign promotions to the listings of your choice during the period of time of your choice, which will be synchronized with your channel of choice (now available for only).

In addition to creating coupon codes for your website, you can now create the six promotion types from to meet booking preferences for a variety of travelers: basic promotions, discounts for early and last minute bookings, mobile users, country and geo, and for business travelers. Learn more here.

In Kigo, you can now define a minimum time between reservations so that the cleaning process can be taken care of with the extra measures needed for this pandemic. You can now create a "stay rule" defining time between reservations and Kigo will automatically close the calendar availability before and after each reservation for the defined period of time.

In addition to closing availability for the days assigned for cleaning, when you define a minimum time between reservations, this will automatically create an amenity that will be sent to Vrbo/HomeAway and will be seen by the guest (e.g. defining 2 days between reservations will create the “GUEST GAP PERIOD 48 HOURS” amenity).

Reassuring the guests is a key factor in order to attract them to your properties. Ensuring a proper cleaning is one of the important things that guests are requesting to ensure they can enjoy of a safe stay. Learn more here.

Guests can now cancel their bookings in the Vrbo/HomeAway platform: Vrbo /HomeAway has made the option available for guests to cancel reservations directly in the Vrbo /HomeAway platform, and Kigo has developed the ability to receive and manage those cancelled directly in Kigo. We are committed to helping you reduce your workload in these difficult times. Stop handling cancelations manually with the guest and handle them in Kigo.

At Kigo, we have recently added three new third-party integrations that you can now access in our platform.

HomeToGo: international exposure, direct guest communication, fast integration and enhanced brand visibility – all of this and much more is now only a few clicks away for all Kigo clients. HomeToGo also covers distribution on Wimdu and Casamundo so listings automatically go live on these sites. Learn more here.

Operto: a property automation system that provides intelligent control of smart home/IOT devices at scale, improves guest experience and operational efficiency for all types of short-term accommodations. Learn more here.

Apartment Ocean: artificial intelligence (AI) based marketing tool to help real estate companies increase customer conversion and satisfaction, while reducing customer acquisition costs. Learn more here.

April 2020

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Airbnb and Vrbo/HomeAway have been working to extend their Length of Stay Pricing Model to more than 30 days. Kigo's system now allows for up to 60 nights reservation. Earn longer term, predictable and consistent revenue.

  • Some local authorities have established strict regulations and a minimum stay, such as 30 days, for bookings
  • Diversify your booking strategy and offer longer term stays
  • Healthcare and essential workers may need long term options to quarantine away from their families safely while fighting the pandemic

Kigo now allows the management of both internal messaging and Airbnb communications in the same platform, available in an upgraded and more user friendly design.

The new inbox also allows the display of messages from Vrbo/HomeAway inquiries so that you can quickly identify and manage your leads.

The Reporting API helps property managers save time. You can now manage reservation incidences directly in Kigo, and Kigo will then sync them to

The property manager can now manage directly in Kigo the following:

  • Mark a credit card as invalid
  • Cancel the booking when the credit card is invalid
  • Cancel the booking when the guest has not shown up

Virtual Credit Cards usage helps property managers reach more guests, reduce cancellations and save time on administrative tasks.

The following features are now fully compatible within the new Content API connection in Kigo Channel Manager:

Property features
  • Property basic details
  • Photos
  • Amenities
  • Rate plans
  • Fees and taxes
  • Check-in and check-out dates
Property profile
  • Name of the host or hosting company
  • Photo of the host or logo of the company
  • Information associated with property profile
House Rules
  • Allows pets
  • Allows smoking
  • Allows parties/events

With Kigo's integration to Vrbo/HomeAway, our customers are now eligible to benefit from "Price Consistency" which ensures that there are not price discrepancies in the traveler's booking experience. With Price Consistency, travelers see the same consistent rate from search to checkout. Price Consistency also helps increase the listings' conversions and allows:

  • Distribution through TravelMob
  • Distribution to HomeAway UK
  • Allows US-based Property Managers to access the “Boost” program